Expert in Pharmaceutical Processing

Founded in 2004, ALIGNED MACHINERY is a high-tech company specialized in developing, manufacturing and supplying of pharmaceutical machinery and packaging equipment. In addition to manufacturing and offering solid dosage production line including crushing machine, mixing machine, drying machine, capsule filling machine, tablet press, tablet coating machine, blister packaging machine and bottling line, we are also capable of providing complete solutions to solve your application needs.

Since the day of its foundation, ALIGNED MACHINERY has made a firm commitment to serve customers with one-stop source for pharmaceutical equipment and pharmaceutical projects. With wealthy experience of EPCM projects, we have executed a number of projects of solid dosage and liquid dosage manufacturing for various markets.

Case Studies

Our goal is to work closely with our customers by designing and manufacturing pharmaceutical equipment no matter whether it is standard or complicated, and offering the best solution to fulfill all our customers’ needs. This is why we have earned the ongoing trust of our customers worldwide.